Our hybrid electric boat

We grew up in the National Park of Les Calanques.

We love nature and we are committed to keep on enjoying the beauty of the sea for long time to come and to preserve it for futur generations.

This is this line of reasoning which brought us to choose the GRENNLINE 33.

Bateau Greeline 33 hybride

This eco-trawler with low environmental impact appeared to us like the ideal ship to explore the National Park of Les Calanques in small groups.

While minimizing its energy consumption you will enjoy a very confortable boat ride thanks to its modern and smart design.

10 meters long and 3,50 meters wide, Eco-Calanques is powered by a hybrid engine. Its roof is covered with 6 solar panels to insure an electric drive.

This very modern technology allow us to reach the Calanques in total quietness.

This smooth sailing, respecting the environment, allows passengers to enjoy the observation of the local sea life and well preserved scenery.

plan intérieur greeline 33